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We've been in the internet industry from the early days circa 1997. We are intimately familiar with the digital experience and the technology that enables it. Our expertise extends across a variety of disciplines including: digital strategy, creative direction, copywriting, project management, UI/UX design, front-end development, server-side PHP and JavaScript programming, Databases, Linux, Web Servers, and more. With over forty years invested in sales, marketing, interactive development, and creative design, AdCycle has the skills and experience to strategize and execute full lifecycle, integrated digital marketing campaigns.​

David Dawson

David brings over twenty years experience with web development, search marketing, and PPC advertising. He believes that a properly aligned marketing strategy is the cornerstone of a successful business. His common sense approach to marketing has earned him nationwide recognition in both eCommerce sales and service advertising.

Jason King

Jason’s keyword is synthesis. He brings also brings over twenty years of experience in interactive design, web development, and digital marketing to client campaigns. He earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Florida where he studied film, art, literature, and digital rhetoric. Afterwards he moved to NYC to join the first dot-com boom and has been in the industry ever since.